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Atalante Science & Technology Park

This key project of Science & Technology Park will be a real economic asset for the Country of Saint-Malo. This one was able to build up himself thanks to the partnership and to the cooperation with Rennes, it will be accompanied by major investments for the technological actors and support for the projects of research and innovation of companies.

The Atalante Saint-Malo Science & Technology Park is being built at Blanche Roche at the entrance to Saint-Malo to cater for stakeholders in the Rennes Saint-Malo Park.

Work began in September 2010 to provide the roads and utilities on the new 70-hectare site.

The layout has been given a maritime feel and the park has a strong identity, part of a high-quality environmental approach that reflects the emphasis on marine biotechnologies.

Access to shared services and equipment (auditorium, meeting rooms, temporary offices, laboratory, cafeteria etc.) within the "Maison de la Technopole" in the heart of the park. Engineering designs have recently begun on this stage of the project.

Access to hotels in the immediate vicinity (5 hotels within 100 metres, B&Bs).

Studies pending with a view to supplying the park with seawater.
Access to very fast broadband with ZATHD (very fast broadband zone) accreditation (studies pending).