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New business start-up

A voluntarist policy of support for the new business start-up

A determined policy of support for business start-ups

Included in Saint-Malo Agglomération's development strategy is a policy that aims to support new businesses.
To provide company founders with the assistance they need, the District has specially-designed structures such as the business incubator and VSB workshops.
The Saint-Malo area has a business start-up level of 10.3% i.e. 0.4 points above the regional level; business failures are below the regional average. Nevertheless, business start-ups remain a top priority in Saint-Malo Agglomération's economic policy because it believes that tomorrow's jobs depend on today's economic vitality.

Companies Tree nursery

With the business incubator catering for some twenty companies in its offices and small business premises, Saint-Malo Agglomération has given itself an effective resource for companies wishing to locate or relocate to the area.
"Le Cap" business incubator has been run by Saint-Malo Agglomération since 2007, while individual assistance and collective events have been provided jointly with the Saint-Malo area Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
With an occupancy rate of close to 90%, the business incubator is a true success story.
In all, of the 25 offices for rent, there are usually only 1 to 4 available at any one time.
As to the small business premises in Le Cap, they are regularly rented by the founders of production or service companies that have only recently been set up in the area.

Events around new business start-up

Competition of new business start-up innovative " Entreprendre Saint-Malo on 2015 "


PRICE: " BLOW OF HEART " - 10 000 €
PRICE: "IDEA" - 5 000 €

In 2010, within the framework of the Road of the Rum was worked out an action of territorial marketing associating the companies of the territory around the theme " Saint-Malo on 2015 ", in reference to the new accessibility in TGV(HST) at 2:15 am of Paris.
In 2011, year of the launch of the park of activity technopolitain Atalante Saint-Malo, it seems convenient to develop new actions of animation and communication in the direction of the carriers of technological project in partnership with Rennes Atalante.
This year, in partnership with the local economic actors and the partners of the new business start-up, Saint-Malo Agglomération launches the competition " Entreprendre Saint-Malo on 2015 ".

The deadline of deposit of the finalized application files is fixed on November 30th, 2011 at 5 pm.

Complete regulation of the competition and the registration form available on the site www.saintmalo2015.com