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Business parks

200 ha fitted out over 10 years!

29 parks of activities exist on Saint-Malo Agglomération's territory, for a total surface close to 400 ha.
As competent structure in economic development since 2001, Saint-Malo Agglomération elaborated a plan of the future parks of activities.

This plan organizes the development of the economic spaces for coming 10 years, around 2 types of park:
  • The structuring parks (thematic or non-specialized): Mottais Actipole
  • The craft parks: see craft parks

The development of all these parks will be realized in an optics leaving a part important for the quality of the services and for the environmental protection.

An ambitious program because it is a question of fitting out 200 ha for coming 10 years, among which 175 ha on the structuring parks and 25 ha on the craft parks.
The Structuring Parks

The Structuring Parks

8 sites were retained to structure the territory, for a projected total of 172 ha.
  • Mottais (Saint-Malo) to know more about it
  • Actipole 2 (Miniac Morvan) to know more about it
  • L'outre (Gouesnière)
  • Atalante Saint-Malo (Saint-Malo / Saint-Jouan): biotechnologies and EITC. To know more about it
  • La Janais (Saint-Malo) Logistic
  • Les Camins (Hirel / La Fresnais): oyster farming and activities connected to the sea
  • Tourism - Leisure activities (Saint-Père): valuation of the site of Saint Père's fort

The Craft Parks

9 sites dedicated to the craft activities having a clientele of nearness were held(retained) for a total of more than 30 ha:
  • Bel Event (Saint-Coulomb)
  • Madeleine (Saint-Méloir)
  • Les Dis (Saint-Benoît)
  • Les Fougerais, (Saint-Malo)
  • La Folleville (La Fresnais)
  • Cancale
  • Saint-Guinoux
  • Le Chemin Bleu (Miniac-Morvan)
  • Le Mesnil (Plerguer)