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Sea-Energy to succeed

Sea-Energy to succeed
By placing Saint-Malo at 2 hours 15 minutes from Paris by 2015, the TGV (HST) completes the sideboard of the territory. Already benefiting from a good road network and from daily sea and air links with Great Britain, Saint-Malo, Brittany North's door is ready today to fire the best profit of this perfect connection.


By the road

By the road

Rennes : 45 min. (70 km - 43.5 miles)
Paris : 3h30 (400 km - 248.5 miles)

By the train

By the train
Paris: 2 hrs 56 min express in TGV (HST)
Rennes: 30 min in TGV (HST) - 55 min in TER(REGIONAL EXPRESS TRAIN)

The arrival of the BGV " Brittany High speed " in 2015 will allow to join Paris in only 2 hours 15 minutes from Saint-Malo.
The BGV which will strengthen the traffic and the accessibility of the whole region, will make of Saint-Malo one of the littoral cities the most close to Paris with Saint-Brieuc, Dunkerque and Le Havre.

By the sea

By th sea

Jersey: 75 min
Guernsey: 1 hour 45 minutes
Porstmouth: one round trip daily

By plane

By plane
Dinard - Pleurtuit - Saint Malo Airport
: 1 hour (a round trip daily off-season, 2 round trip daily from March to September)
Jersey: 20 min.
Guernsey: 30 min