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The projects of research

The projects of research

Sea Brittany pole certified cluster

Competitive clusters are groups of higher education institutions, research bodies and companies first launched by the State in 2005. Their aim is develop cooperative innovative research projects capable of creating economic wealth.
MER BRETAGNE competitive cluster.
This is one of the 4 accredited competitive clusters in Brittany. The projects undertaken through "Sea Brittany" cover the areas of maritime safety and security, underwater technologies, naval, civilian and military engineering, repair and maintenance, marine, fossil and renewable energy resources, biotechnologies, fishing and aquaculture, the environment and coastal engineering. Several accredited research projects involve people from Saint-Malo.

Aquactifs - C.Weed Aquaculture

Azostimer - Roullier Group (AFI)

Grand Largue - ALUNOX

Optipêche - MORGERE

Sealacian - C.Ris Pharma

Valorial pole certified cluster

Valorial is one of 4 accredited competitive clusters in Brittany. Specialising in the agri-food sector, the Valorial cluster is focussing on the production of the "foods of the future" that would meet the challenges of global competition by basing developments on markets and consumers.

Nutrapep - Compagnies des pêches

Innovargalgue - Goëmar

Opticrep - SLP SAS

Utabe - Roullier Group (AFI)